How to find the Money

Have received a solicitation to assist you in recovering unclaimed funds?

Have you been unable to find out where the funds are?

A good start is to call stock transfer companies. A list of them can be found here Call the Computershare and American Stock Transfer first as they are the largest companies.

If that fails use this method below to find the property:

Complete an IRS Form 2848 and Form 56 and mail them to the the IRS with a request that they send back to you wage and income transcript for the deceased person in whose name the property is in. The wage and income transcript will show any interest and dividends that are still being reported under that person’s social security number. With this information you can contact whoever has the money directly and avoid paying a fee to get the money back.

If you are a little daunted by navigating the process above then give us a call.

Call us a call at 561-391-6444  and ask to speak to John Costello or if you prefer contact us by e-mail at

Please note that Find Unclaimed Accounts is in no way affiliated with Legal Claimant Services.


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